Rental Forklifts

Whatever your requirements: our close rental sticker network ensures the swift deployment of the perfect rental stacker for your application. It does not matter whether you want to rent it for one day or several years, whether you require attachments or a special construction design for extraordinary applications. From pallet trucks to reach stackers, for yards, warehouses, and rough terrain - you can rent the right stacker for you.

Forklift Hire - Advantages

  • When you need extra capacity :

    Forklift hire trucks from Jungheinrich are at your disposal at all times. You don't have to stress your budget with additional investment in order to handle unexpected volumes during peak periods. Thus you can balance seasonal capacity fluctuations with little effort. Forget long-term expenditures for interest, taxes, insurance, service, battery maintenance etc. The hire payments covers all of that!

  • Bridging breakdowns :

    In case one of your own forklift trucks breaks down unexpectedly you don't have to worry about your delivery schedule. Just give us a call!

  • Competent advice :

    Our specialists will assist you with practical support. No matter which industry sector you are dealing in - Jungheinrich is a competent partner. We offer technologically and economically optimised solutions. If you are still in doubt regarding the most suitable forklift truck for your application, you can just ask us for complete and expert advice.

  • You don't tie up capital :

    With rental lift trucks you maintain your financial flexibility. An important argument when the business or the general economic situation does not allow long-term investment.

  • Always the latest technology :

    Hire forklift trucks from Jungheinrich are generally not older than two years. This means that your hire forklift truck is always equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Before hiring out the trucks' functions are thoroughly checked by our service engineers. Periodic maintenance ensures that the prescribed safety regulations are fulfilled.